Monday, November 17, 2008

Good, but then, BAD

My day started off pretty well today, got up, got ready, got my jamba juice with 3g charger (pure crack, I love it) and drove in to work. Got here by 8:40am (not bad) and am already doing work. Good day so far. Then my favorite guy here, Cameron (my big aussie brother), he comes down this way, and gives me the peace out handshake that we do and tells me he’s out. I look at him just shocked, and couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything. So then my brain started working and I hopped up and went out with him. Yes, he got laid off. An executive memo came out yesterday indicating that they’re going to be letting go of some staff, and because he was paid pretty well and more people here do the job like his, he was one of the first here in our office to go. I am so sad, so so sad, I love this guy, he’s truly like my big brother. So, we’re going to go out with him and his wife this Saturday. I told him it wasn’t an option that as long as they didn’t have plans we are totally going out and getting DRUNK. So yes, that is happening, and its not fun news but it is what is going on right now so I have to blog about it. So yes, was in a good mood, now kind of sad, but not in a depressed way. I love you Cameron!! So on a positive note, I will soon become a starbucks barista. I am sooo excited about this. One more thing falling into place before I start school, which is excellent news. I start working on December 2nd. So for any of you that are in Puyallup at some point, I will be at the store by Fred Meyer’s on 176th & Meridian. Ha ha. Oh yeah, but maybe wait a few weeks so I can actually make your drink correctly and be not so overwhelmed, as Tiffany tells me I will be. In addition to that, I register for classes that day as well, so that will be a very hectic but peacefully exciting day for me. Hey, that means I will have December 1st off, anyone have any plans!?!? Oh wait, you’re all still working, lame…. Lyrics today: “I need your patience and guidance, And all your lovin' and more, When thunder rolls through my life, Will you be able to weather the storm?”

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