Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar

Okay, so lest I worry anyone else, like I apparently did Tiffany (who called to check on me last night) but not Ray (who commented that my post was nice and short), I wanted to tell you all that I am doing just fine. It’s that time of the month (yeah to be a woman) and work with the layoffs and my own impending last day, plus just yeah, more than I can explain, has made for a rough couple of days. But never fear, I am okay, this is not me slipping into the black hole that means I will require babysitters again, okay people?!? But thank you for caring about me, cause that means a lot. So soccer last night, we lost, but I played the 2nd half like a fricking rockstar. I’m glad that I won’t be playing with this team anymore though. Which sucks to say that because it’s the lesbian team, but seriously some of the people on this team, yeah, they frustrate me to no f*cking degree. I had two moves I was super proud of. The other teams fastest girl, named Brit, yeah I kept up with her and managed to keep her from scoring or shooting, so she had to pass away, go me!! And secondly, on a corner kick, ball came right to me, and I headed that mother f**ker like a pro. Of course it hit the wrong part of my head and made me a bit dizzy, but hey, I didn’t need those brain cells anyway, right? So today, training with my main man Brent. Only a few more of those left too, which is a bummer because that means I will have to motivate myself to go to the gym. Which we all know I am so NOT GREAT at. I used to be more of a gym rat, but soccer has got me out of the gym and then its all I want to do. Hello, one tracked mind over here…oh wait, its not on that track though it’s on the “good” track, wink wink. Okay nevermind, inside joke, between me and…..myself. Huh. Go figure. Soccer tomorrow night at 845 at Twin Ponds, then again on Friday night (no idea time and place on that one off the top of my head). So, exciting evening for me tonight, I might visit Peep, might not. Might just go home, have more wine, a soak in the tub, and night night early for me (since I got home around 1130 last night). Lyrics: “If you think you need to go, If you wanted to be free, There’s just one thing you need to know, And that’s that you can’t count on me.” xoxo

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