Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six Minutes

ive only got six minutes six save the world...just kidding. six minutes until the timer goes off for the cupcakes i am baking. tomorrow is kims birthday, she is a friend of mine and one of my soccer buddies. i am making cupcakes with green frosting (like grass get it) and then putting chocolate sprinkles on them (like turf nubs get it) and then soccer ball candies go right on the top (like soccer...ok you got it). i know, completely a nerd, but hey shes been a great friend to me and this is her first birthday without her mom around, so i am trying to make it a good one. will give them to her to celebrate right before or during half time or after our game (can you tell i am undecided). so today i didnt get to work until almost 920 am. oops my bad. so not a huge deal of course since i have the worlds longest case of short timers disease ever. but then i ended up getting in trouble with my boss, not for having been out so much, but because i didnt prioritze my work the way she wanted me to. oh well, i am sorry, but i didnt really have an excuse to give her, which i think irritated her more. go figure. and although i was slightly annoyed/upset about it, i also didnt really care. what an interesting mix of emotions. went to see frances again today at the hospital, she is still cute and so far my nickname has stuck. peep, thats what i am calling her. she is such a quiet mellow baby that that is pretty much the only noise she makes, peep peep. although she did get hiccups today and made quite a bit more noise, but hey, she is still peep to me. oh hey, less than a minute left on the cupcakes and i am not done typing....hold please. okay cupcakes on the rack now cooling off. next step will be making a mess...i mean making green frosting! so lets see, i am waiting to hear back from the financial aid office, we all know how quickly they work. and i am also looking into private loans. not necessarily the way i want to go, but will do what i need to do to make it through school with good grades and what not. so on another note, things that i hate. people who cannot freaking drive, for the love of god, if its not your strongpoint (and you know if it is or not) then get the hell off the road please! secondly, people who use words incorrectly. if you do not know what it means, do not try to sound impressive by using it, i will just think you are more stupid than you probably are and it drives me crazy. lastly, people who say one thing and do another completely, now granted i do this sometimes, we all do. however its people who do it on major things that effect peoples emotions that bother me, well mostly my emotions, but you know what i mean. why do something that you knows hurt people, why not do the right thing? xoxo_LC

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