Monday, October 20, 2008

Posting, Posting...

Hi there, its me again. And yes before any of you ask, I am typing this at work in Word again, hence all the capitalized correctness. *sigh* stupid word, just let me type whatever I want to type, doesn’t word get it?!? Oh wait, life and the world dont get it, why would I expect a computer software program to understand? Fun weekend, well sort of. Spent about nine hours with peep at my sisters house on Saturday. They were in new parent meltdown mode, too little sleep, too much baby fussing. Go figure. Sunday, I got to sit around, read and watch a bit of tv before heading off to a candle part at my soccer girl, jessa’s house. That was fun, but then stopped back by to see peep for a bit before heading to my game in federal way. We played a tough team, and they had two subs (we of course had none), but we ended up winning 2-1, so I was pretty dang stoked. And my evening ended pretty well after that too…. Today at work has been fairly non-exciting. I have been working on a document retention project, which I am glad to have as it is busy work and keeps my mind busy, however its not terribly intellect stretching. Ha ha. Oh and I also went and ordered new glasses. They are sooo cute, I can’t wait to show them off to everyone. Plus they ended up being the lesser expensive of the two I was looking at, which means they didn’t end up costing me 3 billion dollars. Tomorrow is fill #5 for me. I should be getting close to restriction by now, so hopefully fingers crossed this one will work for me the way its supposed to. I am driving in to work tomorrow, leaving for my appointment, and then coming back to work until I leave to go get my haircut down in Tacoma. Whew, lots of driving!! Xoxo-LC

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