Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peep says Hi

okay well she doesnt really say hi, because hello, shes only four days old. i mean hello people, she is most likely brilliant of course, but that is just impossible. she slept in my arms for three hours, i think it might be love. so soccer was good last night. we tied our game, but hell, they had to loan us players because we didnt have very many and then one of our guys took a ball hard right to his eyeball and he ended up leaving the game and going to the ER. That is the second guy in two weeks (week prior was john with his stitches to his eyebrows poor dude). And john was back playing this next week, what a crazy psycho. oh, and this is not the john that you all know in my life, just fyi. got home around 11 last night, played some batman on the wii and went to bed around 2am this morning. played that again this morning when i got up and then headed up to my sisters house to hang up with peep. :) she is too dang cute. xoxo-LC

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