Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well I have reached the “sweet spot” as they call it in lapband world. I am at a good restriction point, right now I’ve mostly been able to get my protein shakes down and the occasional jamba juice smoothie (although these take quite a bit longer than just the protein shakes). Since Tuesday I have lost 3 more lbs. I realize that this may be mostly water weight, but who the hell cares, the scale moving down is the scale moving down, good lord people. Am having a barbecue on Saturday night. Originally was going to just have it kind of ghetto like with burgers and hot dogs, but then decided that would not be much fun… for ME!!! Hello, and we know that is who it is all about. So now I am going to bbq some salmon, which I am supposed to be able to eat, fingers crossed. Should be a good turnout too, so I am happy to have some friends over for some good times, good drinks (or shots for those of us with very little stomach openings) and good eats (I hope). Ha ha. My little monkey, Niko man, is turning 3 on Tuesday. Oh wait, so is our friend Terry, I mean its his birthday, not that he’s turning 3. Ha ha. Birthday party for Niko on Sunday at the Y, which should be fun, cause it was last year too. I can’t believe he is 3 already and Devan is 6, where the hell does time go. It seems like one minute you’re holding them on your chest, taking naps with them, then suddenly they are all into Jonas brothers, Hannah Montana, and WordWorld, what the heck?!?! Or it gets even worse, they want a cell phone, their own cell phone….for all those important phone calls they have to make. Oh wait, I do remember that from my own age, I wanted a pager like nobody’s business. My mom thought I wanted to be a drug dealer..yeah right mom. Turns out I just wanted to be like a doctor or something. Okay, just a nurse.

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