Monday, October 06, 2008

Clear Balls-2!!

now now get your mind out of the gutter. i went to have the bottom ball on my tongue ring changed out from a silver ball to a clear one, so now there are two clear balls. i was going to have the barbell sized down but the girl who was working the piercing counter today said there is still a bit of swelling to my tongue (not noticeable by sight just by touch) and that she would recommend sizing it down in another two weeks or so just to be safe. no worries from this end, i like having the two clear balls though, you know me, anal retentive, like stuff to match. go figure. so i had a one on one meeting with my boss today. its amazing how calm and relaxed i can be while talking about goals when i know that in less than 3 months i will be gone from there. oh yeah, for those i have not told, im going back to school in january. i am applying for nursing school so in january i start taking the prerequisite courses to be on track for that. i have already got one person who will write me a letter of recommendation, is anyone up for writing me a second one? if you are, you let me know, i need all the help i can get. so ever have one of those days when things just seem okay but really are not? i do not know, its hard to explain, but today was an okay day, i got a lot of work done, had dinner, watched tv and am soon heading to bed. but there is still something that was off or missing. who knows, probably the crazies in my head trying to escape. stay away, stay far far away... xoxo

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