Monday, September 01, 2008

You will be assimilated..

okay so i am watching a star trek the next generation marathon, so sue me. okay or dont sue me, but it is okay you can brand me as a nerd, i have already accepted that. i probably should get up soon and go take care of the 1/2 bush in my front yard, so as long as it doesnt rain i will most likely do that soon. but hey if i become a landscaper i should get use to doing this stuff in the rain anyway, right? i was talking last night about possibly needing a job with more activity in it. when i am busy physically, my brain does not have time to seep in and remind me i am depressed, or to make me think of all the things that i should not that make me depressed. i have been testing myself lately. looking at things/dealing with things that would normally bum me out and seeing how i do. for the most part, i think i do okay with them. some of the things though, yeah they still get to me and still get me down. have to avoid that stuff i guess for a little while longer. keep telling myself that it has only been two weeks. but i am an impatient girl and i like things to happen RIGHT NOW. sigh, if only the world was that easy, right? well everyone, my guess would be that you should expect a lot of posts today. i am feeling overly wordy. is that a good thing or a bad thing, i dont know. once upon a time i used to write some stories, get all my wordiness out that way. havent been doing that lately. wonder if i will be doing so again anytime soon.. xoxo

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