Monday, September 08, 2008


i thought for sure someone would have something to say about my last post, but hey, no worries. i am glad to not have to face anyones wrath! ha ha. so lets see, yesterday, two soccer games were played and the storm season ticket holder event was attended. a fun time was had by all. for the first time, we got up in line really early and did not have to wait around as long to get all the signatures that kerry needed for her posters. woohoo. so at my first game, i scored a goal, so exciting, but what makes it even better is that it was off of my left foot. hello, not my dominant foot, the other one, you know the annoying one with the plantar fasciitis. way to go me! at my second game my trainer came out to watch, so that was exciting. i actually had two fans on the sidelines and even better, this is my competitive womens team so he got to witness a good game. but we won, which makes that even more sweet. have to say that there are still a few special people not at my games these days, but hey, maybe they will come see one again someday. oh my gosh, my trainer has got a sweet ride. mercedes, convertible, pretty freaking fancy. kind of cracks me up because he is so tall though and the car looks like it would be way too short for him, but its not. actually fits him and his personality once i saw him in it, totally hilarious. now its monday. have not accomplished much yet for the day, but hoping to do so eventually. ha ha. xoxo-LC

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