Thursday, September 04, 2008


i think the urge to blog is getting dimmer and dimmer with less and less comments i have been getting. it must be totally true, i want to be the center of attention. i want to know that people are reading what i am writing, that i do not have to feel so alone in my writing, in my thoughts, in my feelings. but i guess that is the point right? in the long run we are all alone, even if we are not. i worked out this morning with tiffany. her y is undergoing a remodel of some kind so she and Niko journeyed this way to work out with me at my y. it was a good workout. i am glad that i went. afterwards we came back to my house to grab some nice cold water and then decided to take niko over to the park so he could run around. he did a goood job at the nursery at the y and i think he deserved that running around at the park. ha ha. so now i am home and watching desperate housewives. too much thinking is happening yet again. i cant stop thinking about a couple of different things. oh well, who cares, right? its not a big deal. just another turn on the crazy train, right? LC

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