Tuesday, September 02, 2008


they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. something along the lines that if a person isnt around in your life that your exaggerate their benefits and positives so that in your heart you miss them, even more if they had been in your life that whole time. do i believe that? i am not sure. the flipside to that is what hannibal lecter says, "how do we begin to covet, we covet that which we see everyday" (yes i know you will all think i'm totally freaky crazy for quoting a horror movie, but anthony hopkins is amazing anyway). so which is it do you suppose? do we love those we are around all the time, or do we love those whom we miss most, those whom we do not have any contact with. perhaps it is all just overrated. i wonder if love exists in any ideal sense outside of the stories that we read or the things we see on the tv. perhaps we can never realize what it truly is because we dont understand it. i know ive posted about this before, but how do we understand love, how do we grasp it in our hands and hold it close to us and understand it. or perhaps that is just it, perhaps love is a lot like religion in some aspects, its a matter of faith. love is a feeling that has to be taken on faith that it is what the person says it is when they say it to you. i miss writing, i miss typing as much as i have used to do it. perhaps when i return to work?!?! ha ha. xoxo

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