Saturday, September 06, 2008


that is what i just told kerry. i suck. kerry wants to play a lego wii game, but i left indiana jones lego at nate's house. my bad. three tequila shots and three beers (working on my fourth here at home) probably not a good combination for me. go figure. but hey i am going to do it anyway. hoping to sweat it off at my soccer game in the morning. that should be a good time i am sure. storm won tonight. yeah. kerry and i sat courtside which was pretty cool. kerry couldnt see sometimes when people stood up because she is so freaking short. but hey, i could see. and the four people next to us left at half time so we had lots of space next to us. turns out that there is a lot of leg room in those courtside seats. i texted a lot during the game as i was pretty drunk and entertaining myself..texting Michelle, chellie, crystal, erin. nobody was safe from my texting. but amazingly enough very few people responded. hmm i wonder that was. oh well, no matter for me, right? home now, took my nighttime pill, having another beer, maybe playing some wii and then going to bed. good times! xoxo Lacey Canyon

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