Thursday, September 04, 2008


have you ever felt stuck? in a holding pattern, wondering what to do. do you go forward, hoping for the best, best foot forward, and all of those other things they tell you. do you go backwards, hoping to correct the wrongs that have been done, hoping to say or do the right things this time around. or do you stay where you are, stuck to the core, because you are too scared or too worried to do anything, but stand there waiting for the storm to wash over you. how much of a life do we spend in fear i wonder. i know i am not the only one. i was reading the cover of a book at the bookstore yesterday about couples, ones that stay together because it is comfortable and secure. it discussed how couples should chose passion, that too often people stay together when they have lost the passion because they are scared of trying again, of doing something different, of giving up that security. i think thats because they are scared right? i mean who hasnt stayed in a BAD relationship because they are scared, thats why people that are victims of domestic violence get stuck, fear. so how do we move past the fear? dont expect much of what i am typing to make sense, these are just random things i am thinking about. they do not necessarily apply to me, or imply that anything is wrong with me (well other than the obvious of course). ha ha. i keep thinking about different songs and quotes as well, but i am not sure blogging with just a whole bunch of quotes or lyrics would make much sense to most of you. one or two of you, yes probably. storm game on saturday. i cant believe there are only two regular games left of the season. they are away tonight, playing chicago. lets hope we can win so that we can cinch a playoff spot. oh, and at saturdays game~we are sitting courtside. that is exciting, right?!? two soccer games and a season ticket holder party on sunday. busy weekend. Lacey Canyon-xoxo

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