Monday, September 01, 2008

September, sigh..

okay so i promised another blog last night, however i was too tired by the time i got home to do so, i apologize dear readers. it is monday now, a day which i am usually dreading, however having been out of work for a bit, mondays do not seem like the worst thing ever anymore. i know i said i was going to post about love, but have since change my mind on that as well. how can i post about a subject that is so wide yet so small and its features so wholly unknown to me yet known to me at the same time. love feels like the most basic of emotions, something every human craves, yet no one understands. so i wont presume to do so in a post that can only briefly touch on the subject. bbq at tiff and wills was fun yesterday. good food, good peeps, good times. when i got home kerry and i ended up going to chad and carlos house. they were having a bbq too and have been worried about me. i ended up playing rock band there for the first time ever and omg i loved it! i totally want that game, if it wasnt so freaking expensive. oh well, perhaps someday i will own it, ha ha. puyallup fair starts this friday. im hoping to convince tiffany to go with me and we can take niko on friday. saturday there is another storm game and johns dads graveside memorial service. so i will be in lynnwood on saturday morning, driving up north yet again. sometimes i feel like i drive all over...but for the right things i do not mind whatsoever. love you all. xoxox ps-taking a survey, if you want the emails of my blog to come directly to you let me know, if you would rather visit the blogsite to read my posts let me know that. i dont want to clutter anyones inbox with emails they dont want. thanks!

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