Saturday, September 06, 2008


have you ever noticed how quickly things can change, anything in the world? how in one instant you can go from feeling like you are on top of the world to suddenly feeling like you are at the very bottom and that nothing you do or say matters? i am not sure that is exactly how i feel, but it is an exaggeration that i can write to make people understand how i feel sometimes, to give you an example or a glimpse perhaps at what it is i go through. i have had at least one person try to ask if i am bi-polar. i do not think this to be the case, as i do not have the manic highs associated with bipolar disorder. but hey, what do i know anymore these days, right?!? so tired sometimes, tired of trying to be everything to everybody, when i do not even know what to be to myself. what do i want, how do i get it, what if what i want is wrong or turns out to be not the best thing, then what? start over. i feel so old for that. going out recently it feels like i am in a whole new world that i cant even find a place in. when it used to seem like i was so sure of everything, so sure of myself, knew exactly who i was and where i was at. now...well who knows? if you find out for me can you let me know. i am not sure how much i will be posting in the coming days and weeks, so please dear readers try not to be too disappointed or worried. those of you that care know how to find me. xoxo Lacey Canyon

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