Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's Saturday!

yes i know, not the most original title for my post, but hey i am sick so cut me just a little bit of slack. i have a sinus infection. no, i have not gone to the doctors, but trust me, i have had them frequently enough to know when i have one. and its still kind of like summer, that is really lame. being sick and it being summer. oh yeah, and its saturday and there is a storm game tonight and i have two soccer games tomorrow....nevermind. so went to the fair with tiffany and niko yesterday. poor niko, we wiped him out. by the time we got into the car he was passed out asleep within just a few minutes. it was soo crowded. it was free yesterday if you were in before noon, and we apparently underestimated how many people would be in full force for the freebies. go figure. and like everyone else, people were lined up at the food scones, krusty pups, earthquake burgers. mmm, fair food. so now i am going to read, relax, and probably sleep a bit more before the excitement of the evening. i am sad to have been missing johns dads honorary guard service, but i just could not get myself out of bed this morning. i still want more sleep. being sick sucks! xoxo-Lacey

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