Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late..

okay i am not really late. i have two appointments today so i am just reminding myself that i cant be late or miss these appointments today. *sigh* oh well. at least i know i will be busy.

so i managed to get the "bush" cut down yesterday. turns out its a freaking tree people. so the stump is what remains. i started digging the stump out only that it turns out it is much bigger than i expected, so i might have to get some help on that one. oh and heres a funny part to add. i started using the fixed chainsaw that manly ray fixed for me. it seemed weird that it wasnt really cutting anything it just seemed to be burning the wood with friction. so i called ray and asked if it was possible that the chain was on backwards he said yeah sorry. no worries i had him show me how he did it so i fixed it myself (well after 2 tries anyway) and got that baby working all on my own. yup thats me, i am a serious lezzie that can fix power tools. woohoo.

so after i realized that i couldnt get the stump out and the yard waste bin was mostly full i decided i might as well do a few other things. i mowed the lawn and watered it afterwards. then i decided to vaccuum out my car and clean the car mats. then that wasnt enough, i decided that i wanted to clean out the garage. so yeah, it was a day for cleaning and such apparently. i think that cleaning is one of those things that helps settle my mind, keeps me on track. although on another note, yesterday was the first day i started to feel better mostly (i might have mentioned that already, but here you are getting it again). not perfect, not 100% yet, but better.

so i think i am going back to work on the 8th or the 15th. will see what the appointments decide today and hopefully my FMLA will cover. i think i would like to have the extra week, but hell, who would not want to have that!

HEY PEOPLE-what happened to my comments. i was getting them pretty consistently there for awhile, but now...nothing except one from Tiff in the last few days. what gives?!?

three more days.

Lacey Canyon is out!

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