Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun & Exciting Times

last night at the hicks house was hilarious folks. i know some of this wont make sense to other people but i have to share. first off, tiffany and i decided to go to tacoma boys to get stuff for dinner. at tacoma boys i happened to get flirted with in the meat department, cant tell you all of the details cause that would take forever, but needless to say it was a nice ego boost. i even got a wink from the guy....and we all know how i feel about winkers. :) so we were at tacoma boys for way to long and i bought way too much beef jerky. go figure. so we get home and will asks if we remembered some diet soda. we of course had forgot (in our defense i do not think that they had diet soda there, we looked in the refrigerated section for quite awhile), so of course after having told will the whole story about the flirty meat guy tiffany busts out with, "well maybe if the diet soda had been in the meat section we would have remembered it" and for some reason i thought this was the funniest thing ever. now keep in mind i had already been laughing pretty hard with tiff and devan on the way home from tacoma boys anyway. so tiffany was cooking up some mushrooms in butter and garlic (yummy) and devan decided that she had to be "chef" with us. so she stirred in the pan for, oh say, 45 seconds and then up and says, "well chef needs a break" and off she goes. it was so random but hilarious tiffany and i started busting up then and there. oh good lord just not enough to even describe it now you soo had to be there. oh yeah, and big guy will, he ate FOUR ears of corn. that was hilarious also. oh and tiffany and i discovered we eat corn differently (only took 19 years to figure that out). and that progressed into a discussion of removing tattoos, getting new tattoos of corn (dont ask), and then picture stories of our whole evening. yeah ok i realize this is all more than anyone will get but the parties involved. today ended up being a rough day. i had a counseling appointment this morning, and although it went well (as they can go anyway) it of course is emotionally draining and a lot to deal with. i ended up getting pretty sad in the afternoon. talked to a few people, didnt feel enough better, so went outside to do yard work. i am now very sore with very sore fingers as i tore and hacked at stuff in the front yard. one more whole bush removed. the stump from the big tree bush still remains though. oh and i chopped down the stuff that was in between two of the hedges in the front. the yard waste bin is full again though and still so much more to do. maybe i will have to make a yard waste run to the dump or something. tomorrow is soccer, yeah. then friday we have a storm game, another yeah. xoxo-Lacey Canyon

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Anonymous said...

Man that was funny stuff last night :) You really DID buy a lot of beef jerkey! Oh, and you left that big pole in my front yard...sounds like you did just fine without it though haha!
love ya,