Thursday, September 04, 2008

Everybody clap your hands...

okay so it was what was on the tv at the moment that i decided to start this blog. at home watching the recorded storm vs. sky game. i already know the outcome, but hey, still have to see how the team does in actual play. spent the evening with the eikenberry family. that was a lot of fun. nate bbq'd salmon and we had salad and it was pretty tasty. we also shared a few c minuses after gaius went to bed, but if you dont know what c minus is, im not going to tell you. it's a henny thing, you wouldnt understand. ha ha. going to the fair tomorrow. tiffany and i are going to take niko down there as its free before noon. what better way to entertain the three year old than to let his aunt load him up with sugary treats and then have his mom take him home and try to get him to sleep. little monkey told me my hair was brown today, after i asked him, when i specifically dyed all of it bright light blonde last night. go figure. two more minutes until midnight. happy friday everyone. LC

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