Wednesday, September 03, 2008


it is already the third of september. doesnt that seem like it came much too quickly to anyone else but me? my nieces went back to school today. i know that the younger one had a great day and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. hopefully will hear how the eldest one did, but i am sure she did just fine. she is a good girl like that. got my hair cut today at the tacoma mall. my regular girl drew is out after having surgery so a girl named faith did my hair. i like it, and she did a good job with the cut. then went and bought my sister her stroller and xtra base for the baby. and some clothes. good lord my newest niece should be well outfitted by the time she comes along. but my sister and her boyfriend are very thankful and were happy to receive the gifts. went out to dinner at a chinese place and then went for ice cream. yummy. feeling a little anxiety over this weekend. not exactly sure why, but worried how things will go, how i will feel, how everyone else will feel. worried i will be hurt. kerry said that is likely to happen either way as you all know me, too sensitive by far. but is that so bad? i have missed, greatly, what if the feeling is not reciprocated. what if all i have known has completely changed, then what? oh, so much more i could write about this subject, and i am sure i will, privately. enough for this blog...sigh. blogging while high again you could say. i just took my seroquel and i think its finally starting to kick in. it sort of gives me the feeling of drinking without actually drinking. isnt that handy. xoxo

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