Monday, September 29, 2008


well feel free to not ask me how i am doing as i will likely just tell you that i am alive. i got an email from a girl who had surgery the same day that i did and it turns out they think she has a leaking problem too. so then she sent out a post online and found a whole bunch of people in the area that have the same problem, some have filed lawsuits, some of them are with the doctor i used, etc etc etc. yeah, that just added to the stress of my day, and she was a self pay patient. i have no idea what it means for me since i was on insurance. my first day back to work went okay. i guess you could say i still dont really want to be working, but hey, who does, right? this was of course made slightly more difficult by the fact that my head still hurts from cracking it against someone elses skull on friday during soccer. so i have a headache still from that. i also have a leaky band, and a bruised heart. anyone want to buy me for a dollar? what it is about hope that is so hard to let go of sometimes. wanting to believe the best in someone and wanting to hope for the best, it is so hard to let go of sometimes, and othertimes we simply cannot let go. that hope just...well hope floats. i heard that in a movie onetime i think... xoxo-LC

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