Tuesday, September 30, 2008


okay so no, i havent really been watching this show. but when i got home tonight and sat here with kerry it happened to be on while we were doing some stuff online and boy i have to say, shannen doherty is looking a bit puffy around the face. okay granted, we all change in looks as we get older, but shes an actress so that means its my god given right to comment on her appearance, right? oh wait a second, this one also seems a lot racier than i remember the original being...but enough about that. today was day two back at work and i have to admit it was not the toughest day i have ever had. first of all we had a team quarterly evening this evening (it was supposed to be paddle boats at greenlake but those are locked up now and then it was supposed to be mini golf but the team bailed on that one too), so we ended up having dinner at red mill burger on phinney ridge. i had never been there before but the food was decent. omg my peanut butter and chocolate milkshake was to die for. oh wait, i didnt eat that,shhhh don't tell anyone. ha ha. so after that it was only five o'clock and whats a girl to do in seattle in rush hour traffic when she is not quite ready to drive home. well hell if i know but when i figure it out i will get back to you. i ended up at my bosses place meeting her new kitten. oh the exciting times in my life, i know you are all totally jealous! so tomorrow, another early day ahead of me. its only 9 o'clock but i will be hitting the sack soon, in the hopes of getting more than a few hours of sleep. although my nighttime pill helps with the sleeping, it is unfortunately not the cure all when there are stresses weighing on my mind. xoxo

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