Wednesday, August 27, 2008


okay posting twice in one day, i must really be on a roll! so heres a funny story. i borrowed a mini electric chainsaw from will to trim the big beast of a hedge/tree/plant that sits in front of our house on the left hand side (right hand side as youre facing the house). its an english laurel according to my neighbor, well its not really a plant, its more like a tree, and the retards that owned our house before deciding placing this right next to the foundation was a good idea. on top of the fact that you cant just trim this sucker because its so thick. so i started hacking away with the chainsaw. all is going well have about half of it down when i realize that the chain has come off the chainsaw! now luckily enough no injuries from this experience. i call will, he thinks im telling him i BROKE the chain, however we cleared that up and he said my manly friend ray should be able to help me get the chain back on. so our front yard is sexy right now because we have a half chopped down bush in the front yard. way to go me! but hey its an entertaining story. i also, swept the kitchen, and for the first time ever actually mopped it with a real mop! now before anyone thinks i am disgusting, i've always cleaned it with a swiffer wet,but really it never was looking as clean as i wanted. so now its looking pretty spic n span if i do say so myself. of course now i am all sweaty and i think i need another shower,but hey thats alright with me. a mostly clean house makes me kind of happy as bizarre as that sounds. tonight have dinner with kendra, her husband ray (as mentioned above the manly one) and their daughter trina. trina turned 12 on monday, how old do i feel?!? yes thats right people, she was born when i was 18, and i will beat you all up if you have anything negative to say about it! but hey there is ice cream cake involved, that is exciting. so, going to head over there soon. the mind is starting to wander to subjects that it shouldnt, things/people that i should not be thinking about. do you wonder why that is sometimes though? why we think of things that we are told not to, why when someone says dont look now, we immediately do? i figured its just part of my makeup, since i'm naturally stubborn. but perhaps with some subjects we are just drawn to them, unable to let them go, holding onto them inside of us, always a part of us. ok, can you tell, im getting too deep now. xoxo everyone!


AlaskaMe said...

Seriously since I just got off the phone with you - you and me are experiencing the same thing right now I am in your shoes we could swap - it's unreal. So call whenever you need to.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! ;-) Who cares if you post more than once a day. I like it.