Friday, August 29, 2008


"i wish that our lives could be simple, i dont want the world, only you"~thats me singing in case you cant tell. and for those who are so uncool and have no idea, that is a line from a song from the musical AIDA. but enough about that... kerry has gone to work (a few hours ago actually) and for once i am not being babysat. i've kept myself busy and so far am doing okay. not wonderful, great, super happy, etc...but okay. i guess that is enough for now. so far today i have watched the end of firestarter and have (almost) watched all of wargames. i think this might be the second time ive posted a blog that has wargames in it, but hey, whatever. you all are reading my blog so you are my captive audience. seattle storm won their game last night, that is exciting, especially since they are without lauren jackson who is USUALLY our top scorer. i am happy that they won though, i am hoping for a deep playoff run. my soccer team also won, which i think i might have blogged about early this morning, so now i feel repetitive, hmm.... wargames is on AMC right now, which keeps showing previews for the movie two weeks notice. if you have not seen this movie it stars hugh grant and sandra bullock. anyway, in their preview they use one liners from the movie and the one that keeps sticking in my head is this, "as long as one person can change, the world can change". now im not sure im quite ready to tackle changing the world but i wonder about that phrase. can people really change? if they have always behaved a certain way is it stupidity to believe that they might one day behave another way? i think this idea might relate to my other post about having hope, that we as humans hope beyond all odds, and since we hope, i think we have to believe that people can change. that they can be the person we see them as being, that they can become better than they have ever been before if even only for a short time. the magic number today is 7, anyone know why? xoxo

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