Wednesday, August 27, 2008


so you know youre doing great when you miss an appointment because you think the date is actually tomorrow but its today so then your counselor calls you because shes worried something happened to you. well im glad to report that nothing has happened i just couldnt sleep last night and was still awake at 5:30 this morning. thats the second time that this has happened and i cant say that i love it. its the opposite problem that i wrote about last night. sometimes at night, i cant get my brain to shut off. it thinks about TOO many things and its overactive. i think its because i try to keep it quiet all day that then i cant keep it quiet at night. does that make any sense to anyone but me? probably not but that is okay.

i dont think it helped that when i finally slept sometime this morning i had a horrible dream. you know the kind of dream that seems to play out in your mind for hours its so long and so detailed. in this dream someone i care about very much was committing herself (this could be a sign that really its me ha ha). i found out all of these horrible things about her and was trying to talk to her loved one about it all and it didnt matter. everyone knew that she did these horrible things but nobody cared but me. it was like i was the only one trying to save her or make her better or believe in her. it was horrible people, really horrible the feelings that it inspired in me. i know it was just a dream but being the spiritual freak that i am i of course have to wonder what the dream MEANS? if it means anything at all.

okay people i am sure youve heard enough of my ramblings for the moment. i will talk to everyone LATER!


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Anonymous said...

I understand the brain not shutting off.