Saturday, August 30, 2008

FoB 18

so fob stands for festival of the babes. its the lesbian soccer tournament that i am playing in this weekend. i had two games today and there are two more tomorrow. so first thing, i am headed to this field (maple wood playfield in south seattle) thinking, hmm, i've never been here wonder what it is like. well i show up and it turns out i have been there before. i went to a friends softball practice at this field, so i had been there before. go me! so fob is not what i would call a serious soccer tournament. i mean the girls there like to play soccer dont get me wrong, but hello ladies! there are teams dressed up in all sorts of costumes and outfits. my teams white wifebeater with green writing (and a few girls with thongs over there shorts) seemed tame compared to some of the costumes. and a few of the team names...rode hard put away wet, lez finger it out, snacho libre...hilarious! overall the tournament has been very fun. oh and today was opening ceremonies at noon. the teams all got up and did a little cheer or skit (our team did not as we didnt know this was part of the activities, our first time playing). the ceremony was hilarious also. so we lost our two games today, but seriously this is not a huge deal, its too much fun times. like there are no offsides, when a penalty is called against you the ref "whips" you with a toy. oh and we got SWAG bags when we registered and inside were all the essentials: tampon, granola bar, stuffed animal AND a vibrator from babeland. awesome. on another note, had a rough night last night. i ended up over at kendra and ray's house again (thank god for my friends) and they had to deal with a not fun me. on the way over to their house i just had this feeling, the kind that is lingering somewhere inside and you know its there but you cannot make it go away. i so wanted it to go away, to the point where i wanted to scrape off my skin and crawl outside of myself just to not have to feel it. i know that doesnt make much sense, but trust me, if youve been there then you would understand. the evening ended for me with much crying, and two tylenol pm. luckily enough i woke up better than i feel asleep. #5 Lacey Canyon (my soccer jersey name for this tournament) signing off for now. six is the magic number for today, guess why?!?! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

My guess is the number of days left until you get to eat yummy fair food haha :)