Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One month, really?

One month. It seems entirely too long since my last post, I apologize dear readers, all approximately seven of you. I am also typing this post from Word, so it will not be in my normal un-capitalized bad punctuation type method. Word you see wants to correct and fix me…oh if only it were that easy. I had my second fill yesterday for the lap band. It went better than the first go round, no nerve pain this time and reasonable comfortableness (slight pain when I went to bed last night, but it could have just been the way I was laying). I definitely have more restriction this time around. Not able to get much food into my system, which is good, but I usually end up hungry about every 45 minutes or so. I have to pay a lot of attention to my body telling me I’m hungry and not my head. So when people asked me before, I never really considered myself a stress/emotional eater. Since there has been more stress in my life lately, and eating is not really all that it used to be, I’ve come to find out that I might have been coping with food more than I thought. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who gets a pint of ice cream out every time I’m sad or anything like that, but I think I made myself FEEL better when I was down by enjoying some comforting food that I love. I don’t have that option anymore. Food really is about fuel at this point, and while that makes me somewhat sad, it’s also better and healthier for me long term. In the meantime, I get to try to discover new and exciting ways to make myself feel better, preferably that do not include retail therapy because I’m not sure my wallet can handle that much “feeling good” as my mind seems to need right now. Kerry’s birthday this weekend and her 20th high school reunion. We will have Saturday/Sunday/Monday off together. Storm game on Sunday, final game before we head into the Olympics break. Kerry has an alumni only drink fest on Friday night (I’ll be playing soccer, that sounds like more fun, right?!?), and then on Saturday night it’s the party for alumni and spouses. That would include me, in a cute dress, maybe in heels if I’m feeling sassy. Hopefully my dress still fits…. xoxoxo