Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who am I today's Day.

yeah dont ask about the title of my post. youre not going to get it and im not going to explain so why waste both of our times. i talked to my girl Keri in alaska tonight. she called to talk about john's dad passing away. what a horrible thing right, he's not even 28 years old and he's now lost his father. i hope to be there for him however he needs, and am happy to say that in his time of need, i could be a rock for him, as he's always been for me. today was my friend Crystal's birthday also. i drove up to see her at her work and take her brownies and a card. she works in a high school. let me tell you, nothing brings memories rushing back quicker than walking through the halls of a high school, even if its not your own. at one point i went into use the bathroom and even that was nostalgic, right up until the point when there were three high school girls also in there doing their "oh my gosh" and "oh my gawd the math final" and "blah blah blah yearbooks". i was out of that bathroom quicker than...well lets just say quick. i didn't stay too long as she had plans with her family. so i stopped in tukwila to have dinner with my wonderful wife, although she did most of the eating. ha ha. so eating apparently makes that nerve hurt. i think its because my stomach fills up or expands and then it pushes up against that nerve. that's not fun! so hey, liquids are my friend, but that makes me a cheap date...oh wait, i've always been a cheap date. but at least i'm fun, right kids! who's with me? xoxo

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