Sunday, June 15, 2008


it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood around the Puget Sound. i was outside and got to enjoy some of the sunny weather so that makes me happy. it also makes me sad as part of that time outside was to go to the reception for the passing away of john's dad, pat. because it is one of those things that always makes you realize to be happy with the life you have, i want to take this brief moment to tell all of you that i'm thankful you are in my life, regardless of how you are in it. each and every person i have met over the years has taught me something, and i believe that we learn something new every day. whether you are a longtime reader or have just found me randomly online, i hope that my blog imparts some wisdom to you, even if it isn't necessarily wisdom you needed or wanted. ha ha. today i am in more pain than i have been in the last few days. i think i might have overdone it yesterday helping tiffany prepare for will's surprise birthday party. it didn't hurt at the time and i am happy that i was able to help, it was probably just more than i've done in recent days, so my body was pissed off. pain meds again before bed last night and again today after i returned home from driving. now i am sitting on my couch, watching the end of War Games (hello awesome movie from 1983, i was FIVE years old, ha ha) that i recorded on the DVR the other night, and posting to this blog. i am also reading and those of you that know me, this is hardly a surprise! i plan on taking a brief nap before getting up and trying to clean the house a little bit. oh, just remembered some bummer news to share with everyone. i did not get into the accounting certificate program at the UW extension school that i planned on taking. i'm really kind of bummed about that, but am also thinking maybe its a sign that it wasn't what i was supposed to be doing. and get this, they don't even inform you via mail anymore, i got a FREAKING EMAIL telling me that i had not been accepted. so back to the drawing board, trying to figure out yet again what to do with my life. well at least i have all you lovies to keep me entertained. xoxoxo, thats hugs and kisses bitches!

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