Friday, June 06, 2008

On my last nerve

okay so technically its not my last nerve but apparently its a big one. i had some chest pains starting late tuesday night. progressed into wedneday night, and at 2 am thursday morning, kerry took me to the ER. we were there for 6 hours. although they did give me some good pain meds (hello morphine i love you-right up until you made me sick, then i loved the phemagrin), they didn't find anything wrong. well okay they found a little fluid around my bad, consulted with my surgeon and he said that's normal and is ok. sent me home with some liquid vicodin. slept most of yesterday and when i woke up pain was okay, probably causee of the morphine still in my system. so stayed up, did some stuff around the house with kerry, who god love her, had cleaned the house and was organizing. is there anything better than having someone organize my house? i love it!! okay so anyway pain started getting worse,and by the time we went to bed the pain had moved to the left side of my body and was just under/along my rib cage. tried to sleep in to sleep through the pain (of course this is after staying up until just after 1am because i couldn't sleep), but was still up after 9am. pain was super bad then, ended up calling docs office and got in at one today. come to find out that the nerve that runs from the center of my chest down around to the left side under my ribcage is inflamed. more pain meds for me, oh yeah and blogging stoned yet again. sweet!! no idea when i can return to work, he said it might take awhile to heal. lots of birthdays next week-my niece, her father, my friend C, everyone's getting older. me too, which pretty much sucks. oh and since i have the pain meds again, no driving. and everyone keeps telling me to take it easy, stay home, be good. i hate staying home, i don't know why. okay i take that back. i don't like just sitting and trying to relax. i think its because i'm not comfortable somewhat in my own skin, for all the sense that makes. i like being in other people's skin. ha ha, just kidding. but thats kind of true, i like other people's drama so that i don't have to deal with my own issues. so, for those of you that will hear from me a lot, i am sorry, but need the contact with the outside world. but some of you don't mind, so that's awesome. oh and by the way, why the hell doesn't anyone ever comment on my blog, it makes me feel sad. xoxoxo

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Marz said...

I don't know why I don't comment. Probably because I don't have a whole lot of constructive things to say... :-(... but I will try harder now.