Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monday monday...

okay ladies and gentlemen (actually i'm not even sure any guys read my blog, but whatever), its that time again. it's 2:30 in the morning, "not a soul in sight, the city's looking like a ghost town on cold and moonless night, raindrops on the windshield"....okay sorry that was my random song burst for the moment. those of you that know me well know that my life might as well be one big musical. rough day i had today, woke up around 10am or so. played some wii, went for a walk around the lake, cleaned my kitchen up just a bit, and finally vaccuumed my downstairs area. it had been a mess from everyone being over here, which was great i loved all of my visitors, just wish my carpet wasn't a creamy off white color. seriously i can't believe the former owners of this house picked carpet that would stain so easily. of course they had people put booties over their shoes which is so not happening in my house. i mean i'm ocd, control freak, and sometimes uptight...but seriously you have to draw a line somewhere. i went to see the move The Strangers with my sister and her boyfriend today. i was super excited to go see it because it looked pretty freaky from the previews. but of course it ended up being mostly a disappointment. i wasn't even really freaked out except for maybe i don't know one or two scenes. and the ending....sigh totally a big bummer. oh well got some cheap entertainment out of it when my pregnant sister decides to lean forward in her movie seat and totally lets a big one rip. oh yeah, super loud, and then her and scott are laughing hysterically but somewhat silent in the middle of this scary thriller movie. yeah awesome! ha ha. might not post tomorrow, but in case i don't here's what i'm doing. probably waking up late (hello 2:45 in the morning remember), going for a walk with kerry before she goes to work, making peanut butter cookies, counseling appointment at 2pm, then heading to seattle. going to stop and see john at the hospital maybe go out to dinner with him, then going to watch crystal's softball game for all of 15 or 20 minutes before heading more north to watch my ladies soccer team play. i miss soccer, i really do. it might be a pleasure and a pain to watch my team play and not join in. hey at least i can yell at the ref from the sidelines. ha ha. more soon kiddos. xoxo

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