Sunday, June 01, 2008

Insomnia is my Friend!

yes it's true folks. here i sit awake again, although this time i just stayed awake instead of going to bed and then waking up in the middle of the night for a few hours. not a super busy day today. we had breakfast with shelley at glo's in seattle, yummy. then kerry and i drove to tacoma to see tiff, will & the kids. my niece had her first t-ball game today and i totally missed it (bad aunt, someone spank me....please?). ha ha. i hope to catch the next one of course though. but i did get to see her and my little man so that of course made me happy. but he did have to take a nap...and then i went home and totally did the same thing. poor kerry she married a two year old at heart. we finally went to see indiana jones today with carlos and chad. i thought it was pretty good, although not as good as the originals of course. the special effects were a bit schticky for my taste but i think they were trying to make it seem like the older ones. who knows. story line was pretty good, either way. my back is still out, not sure if i posted that earlier, i probably did..i like to repeat myself. the pain medicine i have taken twice today has helped that, but not entirely killed it. bummer! well i think i should try to go to sleep again now. its become harder to type so maybe that's a sign of goodnight. xoxo ps-hello comments?!? i know you're all perving my post, so make some comments, kay?!? ha ha

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