Monday, June 16, 2008

Idiotic Question

how many times in a day do you hear this, "how are you doing?". it's a stupid question right. people dont really want the answer, if they did, they would probably be shocked and horrified at what you had to tell them. i know most people do it as a pleasantry, or something to say when youre not sure what to say (and retail workers are totally excluded from this rant as they have to have something to say). in my case, only being almost 4 weeks out from surgery, they are probably being sincere wanting to know how i am feeling. what if i gave them the real answer, not my fakey nice answer. actually, joe bob, i feel like shit today, it feels like there is a knife in my stomach and someone is twisting it around hoping to make some shreds out of my innards. on top of that, with you asking this question, and me being in an otherwise bad mood, i would like to rip your face off and stomp on it. why, how are you? do i do this, of course not, i say oh i'm doing okay, just a little sore today. when the truth is really, it hurts to breathe and i'm not even really sure i should be at work or not. oh well. hows this for a monday post. ha ha, more later.


Anonymous said...

Now you know how it feels to be pregnant and asked that question all day, every day! Haha, sorry you overdid it helping me on Saturday, but I really appreciated all your help, couldn't have done it without you. Considering my husband took all the car keys with him :) I think you should just respond with "I feel like shit, how are you doing" and leave it at that HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Hello? Is the owner of this blog still alive? Just kidding, you were on such a role for a while and I just have no idea what has been happening in your life! Love you...TLH