Wednesday, May 28, 2008


day after birthday plans: get up, go to ocean shores, come home. day after birthday realty: get up at 4:30 am with chest pains because i can't get a deep enough breath, slight panic attack, take pain meds and go back to sleep. wake up too late in the morning, hang around the house for awhile, then go to ocean shores, stop a few times on the way when we end up taking the wrong roads, get to ocean shores. beach is cold, not quite summer yet here, go to the quinault casino and resort (note to self a resort does not look like a days inn). casino is lame but gamble for a bit anyway. head home, stop at cabelas on the way home (interesting place...if you like a lot of taxidermy and hunting gear). instead of going home, end up in auburn at the muckleshoot and gamble. come home around 11ish after apparently a sneeze decided to RIP through my body and upset a few of my incisions. seriously people, a sneeze here. who knew a little innocuous sneeze could cause so much damage. so came home, had more pain meds, now am blogging high again (kendra should like that, she said she liked it the first time). so i realize i've written in all lower case but now i'm too lazy to go back and change it, which seriously is saying a lot people as we all know how i feel about grammar and correct spellings and all that. kerry and i even got players cards at the muckleshoot. i think that means we're on our way to being white trash gamblers or something. hopefully that will mean that i "learn the system" and "beat the house" and what not, but i doubt it. kerry is upstairs doing laundry. she's nice that way, she does great laundry. i hate laundry, have i mentioned that? i like vaccuming, vaccuming is more fun. although right now, i'm not supposed to lift more than 5 lbs, so i'm not allowed to even lift the vaccuum, let alone my cats. have i told you this too, my cats weigh about 10lbs a piece, yup, can't lift them. so i tend to just kind of brush them off the table/counter/out of my way at the moment. oh, my cats play fetch too. is that weird, does anyone else's cats play fetch? i think they know its that i want a dog so they are trying to make me happy. kerry says we just have super interactive cats. what are non-interactive cats like? oh wait, cats are like....okay i have no idea what i was going to write there, but it started off really good in my head. i kind of like this free form blogging, i might do this more often. i mean i'm a random thought type girl, my blog should reflect the same. Goodnight bitches!


Anonymous said...

wow, those must be some GOOD drugs you have there miss Jaime. haha, anyways, sounds like you had a busy day! Tosh used to play fetch, we would throw his little catnip toy down the stairs and he would fetch it and bring it back. We called him our "cat-dog" so although it isn't normal it is more common than we think! Let me know when you are about to win your millions at the casino, I'd like in on all your secrets HA. Love you, Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Best... blog... ever!

Please continue to blog under the influence.


Chelle said...

K, so what part of Anonymous don't the girls in the post who SIGN THEIR NAMES, get???

Just wondering!