Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Eight days and counting people. With the exception of today really it's only 7 days, but still. Thursday of next week at this time, I will be on my way into Federal Way with my mom and Kerry to go under the knife. Duh duh duh! Sounds scary, and I'm sure the night before and the day of, it will be, but right now I can make jokes about it so I'm going to. This liquid diet crap is totally not for me. I am starving by the time evening rolls around. Trying very hard to stick with it though as my doctor has said if he opens me up and my liver has not shrunk he won't do the surgery. LAME!! So it's Wednesday my work week is half over (Yeah) and still a lot to do. Not much time for blogging but wanted to say hi to everyone! xoxo UPDATE- I changed my background. I found this one online, it's called Peaceful Rush, I'm hoping it makes me peaceful! Zen even. Or some shit like that. I think I'm going to go ride my bike tonight, that sounds like fun!

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