Friday, May 30, 2008 I mean Friday!

okay so here we go again. although i don't believe i'm under the influence right now, i think the pain meds wore off awhile ago. it's 4:25 in the morning. I went to bed around 12, however was up again at 3:30 not able to sleep. this is the 2nd night in a row, not sure what the deal is but i hope this doesn't become a habit. seriously that would be annoying. i watched daytime talk shows this morning. ugh, how can kerry like them so much, they somewhat drive me crazy. of course i love the shit that is about gossip and stuff like that, big surprise as i'm a huge fan, but really sometimes the interviews with people are obnoxious and annoying. okay like today, the big buzz is the sex and the city movie. now i know a few people who were die hard fans, i never actually got into the show that much, i think because i have other shows that were more important and were on at the same time. but i know for fans, this movie is a huge deal and a longtime in the making. so i understand the excitement. but the press leading up to it, hello, overwhelming and annoying. shopping at steve & barry tonight and it was sex and the city all the time!! not surprising given that sarah jessica parker's clothing line, bitten, is sold there...but still. okay this all probably seems somewhat hypocritical from the girl who was all excited about all of the following: harry potter movie releases, star wars, and of course the new indiana jones movie. yeah it's true, i'm a nerd like that. seriously is it any wonder i am a lesbian. i can't get worked up about a movie with women, shopping, shoes, and more shopping. but damn give me a hero with a wand, a light saber, or a whip and apparently i'm all into it. yes it's true, but my friends probably knew this long ago and love me anyway. thanks guys!! have developed a new white trash habit for sure, kerry and i went gambling again tonight. woohoo. the exciting part was this, couldn't seem to lose, for both of us. granted we only won about 150 bucks total, but hey, that's better than a sharp stick in the eye. i was completely laughing at this little old asian lady sitting next to me at one machine though. she kept slapping the screen repeatedly, and quite hard. i was waiting for her to go postal and just punch her hand through the machine i swear. i think it was something she was doing for luck though or what not. on a bonus game on the slot machine, she did it in a motion that indicated she thought she was controlling it somehow. she must not have heard that the house always wins... did some shopping today (yes ignore the earlier paragraph about sex and the city and shopping). kerry and i managed to do some damage at the super mall. i'm not trying to buy a lot of clothes right now though because my size will change drastically (I hope, fingers crossed) over the next several weeks. no point in wasting too much money on stuff that won't fit soon anyway. okay it's 4:34am now. i think i might be tired enough to fall back asleep finally. happy friday peeps!

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