Friday, May 09, 2008

Day One..

Well, today is day one of the liquid diet. So far, its okay but I'll keep everyone posted on whether or not I will want to gnaw their arms off later. Ha ha. It's Friday, woohoo. I have Monday off for more pre-op stuff, even better! It's like a 3 day weekend, well mostly anyway. Let's see, exciting plans for the weekend. Margaret Cho tomorrow night, that should be hilarious. Soccer game tonight and Sunday (that should be exhausting), and I think that's about it. Our lawn is looking like a jungle, so will be trying to help get that mowed, and I'll probably trim the bushes around the front and back too (well wait, what's the weather supposed to be like again anyway). Okay guess I should check on that first. Busy work day ahead, so holler at you later! xoxo

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