Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boys, Hockey and the whole damn thing

happy saturday everyone. currently i am blogging on location from the boys' house. who are the boys you ask? my boys, carlos and chad. for those in the know, i've known carlos for 14 years, and chad for 7 years. carlos and chad are a couple, and for a long time we were all roommates. best roommates i've ever had, after my girl keri of course. but hey living with gay guys had its perks, our house was always well decorated and clean, and usually through no help from myself. ha ha so at the boys house we are watching game 4 of the stanley cup finals. chad is a freak for the detroit redwings, so lets hope they win! i took some pain meds before we came over. not because of my incisions amazingly enough, but because of my back. seriously who throws out their back while trying to shave their legs. well i do it looks like. probably because i'm not really supposed to bend over because of my incisions, so my body was all contorted in a weird position. oh well, now i know what not to do. does that mean i follow the rules..not all the time. ha ha. serious time for a moment-my thoughts and prayers are with my friend john and his family at the moment. difficult time for his family and anything i can do i will. okay back to being myself now, not serious, never! we all know i like to just be light and friendly and never serious. okay i'm not making sense to myself anymore. ta ta for now. haha. xoxox

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