Monday, March 24, 2008


So, I had a very nice entertaining post written for last Thursday. When I hit the "publish post" button here, the freaking computer had some kind of error and would not post anything. But guess what, it also did not save what I had written. Rather than re-write anything, I felt kind of beat down by blogger and just skipped it. Current update: all paperwork submitted to and received by my RN case manager at health insurance. She is going to get in touch with me by Wednesday and let me know what the determination is. Yes!! Going to the Sonics game tonight with a co-worker. I hope they win. Expensive seats at a cheap price, plus a free soda and hot dog. Yum!


Losing Jusme said...

grrr. that happens to me sometimes too. i have this long heartfelt post and blogger blows up.

what i've been doing when i post to blogger, even comments, is copy the text then hit post.

hope this helps.

good luck on the approval for health insurance.

AlaskaMe said...

Ditto! With blogger - that is why I type everything into word and save it then I just copy and paste from that into blogger. Then I have two copies.