Monday, March 24, 2008


So, I had a very nice entertaining post written for last Thursday. When I hit the "publish post" button here, the freaking computer had some kind of error and would not post anything. But guess what, it also did not save what I had written. Rather than re-write anything, I felt kind of beat down by blogger and just skipped it. Current update: all paperwork submitted to and received by my RN case manager at health insurance. She is going to get in touch with me by Wednesday and let me know what the determination is. Yes!! Going to the Sonics game tonight with a co-worker. I hope they win. Expensive seats at a cheap price, plus a free soda and hot dog. Yum!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Happy Thursday to all my readers out there. I'm sure you are vast and many! Ha ha. So, update from yesterday's appointment. I found out I have Barrett's Esophagus. Basically it's not really anything but does not help when it comes to reflux, it can also cause abnormal cells in the esophagus which of course can cause dysplasia, which doctors of course worry about because those in turn can lead to cancer. So I basically have to have an endoscopy again next year to make sure, and if its okay then I only have to go every two years. Oh joy oh rapture. I also found out that I have a small hiatal hernia. This is apparently when the stomach starts slipping up (at least in me) into the esophagus. Doctor said it looked pretty small but that if during surgery it turns out to be bigger than they expect they will just repair it. Excellent! But hey, all of these things are tilting the scale definitely in my favor towards getting insurance approval. WooHoo! Also found out that the lovely Kerry got some great honors yesterday. She's ranked #10 nationally for stores in her division. That is very exciting! Of course the worry is that she's expected to step it up every year, and coming into a recession that will be tougher than most years. But I have faith that she will do great, she always does. She's just too humble to say so. xoxo J

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Next Steps

Quick update. I leave work in an hour to go find out about my results from the EGD. I'm hoping, at that time, that Dr. will decide to go forward with scheduling my surgery and I will finally have a date goal. YEAH! Right now my goal has been working towards Palm Springs (3/29) and luckily I am almost there. Since seeing Dr. Oh back on 2/1 I am down 15 lbs, which is pretty exciting. I guess the HMR meal plan is working out so far. On another note, we purchased new cars this weekend. Even though I'm not terribly excited about the payments of course, I am very stoked to be driving my new car around. Kerry and I both got Mazdas. She got a Mazda 6 and I got a Mazda 3. Mine is 4 door sedan, "galaxy grey" is the color they call it. I describe it more as a charcoal color with blue undertones, almost a gunmetal grey, but I really like it. Black leather seats, beautiful consoles (with red and blue lighting), and a pretty nice stereo system. Yesterday my trainer decided to give me an "under 300" workout party. Man, his definition of party is vastly different from mine, that's for sure. 12 sets of stairs, lunges, side slides, high kicks, quad mill machine....oh yeah my legs are hurting today. But that's okay. Like my quote said before, one step towards a thousand mile journey. I decided that while I'm recovering from surgery I will FINALLY be finishing up the scarf I started knitting over a year ago. I'm making it for my niece, and it's pink, and if it's finished by April....well then she can enjoy a summer scarf. Ha ha.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thriving on a Thursday

Okay, so I caught it right before a month. I am posting a blog entry in under a month, but just barely. Ha ha. Things have been pretty busy. Two weeks ago I had my EGD performed by Dr. Oh. After not having eaten anything for 12 hours, I checked in at 9:30AM, to be told that my appointment was scheduled for 11:30. What the hell?!?! Needless to say, I was STARVING by the time I got out of recovery. During my procedure he discovered that I have Esophagitis Gastritis, which is apparently fancy terms for chronic looking reflux problems. So he did a biopsy of it anyway because they have to confirm that it's not cancer. I find out those results on 3/12. Day after EGD I started a new medical diet that consists of jennycraig-esque meals (3x a day), protein shakes (4x a day) and 5 servings of vegetables a day. I'm almost making that vegetable goal, but at least the food/shakes taste pretty good. Today is one week since I've been on that. It keeps me around 1500-1800 calories per day, which is not bad. Only 23 days until we leave for Palm Springs. Hopefully this HMR diet will help me be feeling fit for that, especially since Kerry's going to make me stick with it through vacation. YUCK!! But oh well, whatever I have to do to reach the goals I need. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Confucius