Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One week later...

First off, its great to have friends, I hope all of them are reading my blog right now so they know that I think it's great that I have them. Kerry and I had a little spat last night, it was not pretty, but thankfully is somewhat resolved now. I had called K to make her go out to eat with me after letting T leave because I thought Kerry and I were doing dinner. K was busy and could not but told her I would call her later. Ended up driving around, then coming back home and K had called me but I didn't return her call. Her husband called this morning to make sure I was okay. How cute is that!! I love knowing people care about me and worry, but then alternatively I also feel bad that I made them worry. Such is my life.... Part two of surgery details to post. I got a call from the insurance coordinator at my doctors office. She indicated that before insurance will even look at covering me, I have to have my psychological evaluation and my nutritional counseling appointments. Now granted, I expected to have to have these anyway (as indicated on the website, however I thought they would be pre-surgery, not pre-pre-surgery. Anyway, I was able to get both of those things scheduled so they will be taking place in the next week and a half. I also talked to the HR person here at work and found out that if I'm out 6+ days, then I will be covered by STD (that's short term disability for those not in the know). Of course the fact that we have a health insurance called STD is pretty much hilarious, but as we all know, I'm a 12 year old boy stuck in a 29 year old woman's body. Ha ha!! Only a month and a half away from Palm Springs. I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I was WRONG?!?!?

Okay now I realize that I don't under these words very often, as most of you can attest to. But this is something that is seriously affecting my day (and actually my most recent post). I have learned since Friday, on three seperate occasions, that I am not almost six feet tall. I am only 5'9" 1/2. ACK, GASP! I am short. My whole perception of myself is different. Now I'm a stumpy chubby chick. Seriously though, here's the sources of information. Friday-measured at the LapBand doctor's office at 5'9". Last night, stood in an intellifit machine and measured at the same. Told my coworkers about this today, they measured me up against the wall and I measured in at 5'9" 1/2. This is really an eye opener for me. Kerry's been telling everyone, as a joke, that I'm six foot ten. Now she can't even say I'm six feet tall. I think that my "shrinking" may be due to my back injury from the car accident. That's the only thing I can think of anyway. On another note, the appointment with the surgeon did not go as I expected, but he's a surgeon. Not exactly great bedside manner. But he is the best at what he does I think, so I'll go with him. Hopefully his nurse has a better bedside manner than he does. The next part of this process is for me to go in on 2/27 to have an EGD. Apparently this is when they will sedate me, stick a camera and tube down my throat, and view my stomach to make sure it is healthy enough to have surgery (also to confirm I don't have any cancerous stomach cells). My followup to this appointment, to go over results, will be on 3/12. I'll keep you all up to date on how that goes. My BMI is higher than I thought because I'm shorter than I thought, as well as the fact that I have "swelling" in my legs, as the doctor described it. I thought they were fine, but apparently they are puffy f*ckers! I also had my sleep study on Thursday, and that was an interesting experience. Unfortunately I won't find out the results of that study for up to three weeks, but could be interesting if I have issues. Any issues might be weight related, so just another check mark on the side of HAVING this surgery done. All of this, and I'm not even 30 yet. *SIGH* Signing off.