Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday talking..

So, not a whole lot to say today but wanted to get something posted after the 3 day weekend. I went skiing twice and had two soccer games, so overall, a busy and active weekend for me. Good times. My left knee has been bothering me a bit with all of this skiing. This is from, I think, an old snowboarding injury. Kerry has been bugging me to go to the doctors about it, but I'm worried it might be an ACL injury and I don't want to deal with several weeks to months of rehab on top of possibly having to have surgery. Lame. Oh well, we'll see what happens, I can tough it out. Speaking of surgery, for those of you who don't know, I'm meeting with a specialist on February first to discuss the lap band surgery. I have a ton of questions for him as well as to find out if I'll even be a candidate for it, should I decide that I want to go that route. Currently my insurance will cover 90% of this procedure so long as I am deemed a "medically necessary" candidate. Usually this includes individuals whose BMI is over 40 (as mine is), or for BMI's between 35-40 with co-morbidities. I have my sleep study scheduled on 1/31 to determine if I have sleep apnea, or any other sleeping issues. That is a co-morbidity as well. Anywho, lots of information to sort through and decisions to make. I'll keep everyone posted with what I am learning and ultimately what I decide to do. On a positive note, we found out our bonus information last week and let's just say WOW. I was super impressed with mine and it will go a long ways towards financial freedom from debt. Go me!!! Hugs & Kisses peeps.

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AlaskaMe said...

Well I guess you have been just a little bit busy - HA! I feel your knee pain and still blame you for mine. Can you smell the fresh air that is the breeze of being debt free yet - let me know when you do!