Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hopelessness is defined as: 1. Having no hope; despairing. 2. Offering no hope; bleak. 3. Incurable. 4. Having no possibility of solution; impossible. Did you ever have one of those days when it just felt like that? Don't get all worried on my behalf, this is not a scary I'm super depressed email where people need to make sure I'm medicated (hello, already am). Todays is one of those days where it feels like no matter what I do, it will not matter. My situations today have felt.... hopeless. I was only able to train for 1/2 hour with my trainer today. He switched my schedule yesterday which didn't work out with our meeting today at work, so then I committed to only 1/2 hour at least. I still did 15 minutes of cardio otherwise, but missed having that full workout. Additionally, the exercises we did today, yeah, they were not confidence inspiring. They were the kind of exercises that I huff and puff, and feel like I'm contorted into very odd positions, and also praying that someone from my work is not there and can see me. Yeah, that kind of a workout, you know the kind. I'm sure my face matched my shirt....bright freaking crimson and it says SUIT UP. Funny thing though is that everyone at first thinks it says SHUT UP, which is funny. Nine days until I meet with the surgeon. I'm trying to now convince Kerry AND Tiffany that they both need to go with me, as I have the sneaking suspicion that Kerry won't be able to get out of work. I'd like both of them there, but even if only one of them can make it that will be fine too. I emailed another woman on the lapbandtalk forum who had surgery from this doctor to ask her about her experience. Looking forward to more hope tomorrow. xoxo.

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AlaskaMe said...

Yes I have those days pretty regularly - so I am right there with you.