Monday, January 28, 2008

Amazon Woman!!

Okay, so in case you didn't know, which of course you should, I am a tall girl. Now, I'm not the tallest I know, or by far some kind of genetic abnormality type tall. But I am six feet tall. Now, being that tall and being plus size, its generally difficult to find pants that fit me correctly. (Note to clothing manufacturers, if you make the pants TALL, this does not mean that my stomach is 8 sizes larger, it means that my LEGS are longer, get it straight). Imagine my immense wow factor and excitement when I finally found some pants at LB that were actually too long. Now, tall chicks know that this is hard to accomplish. And as my shorter friends have told me, something that they've been dealing with for awhile. So, I've learned to live with it in my jeans, I mean isn't that how the cool kids are wearing their jeans these days anyway. So flash forward to my work pants this morning. Now, LB's clothes aren't made exactly like high quality. Their invisible hems often fall out and I've been left to pick up the pieces (sometimes literally) myself. Today, I leg up to step up on the bus and feel something tug near my foot. Now, assumed that I untied my shoes (this has happened before, yeah I'm clutzy like that). But no, I look down and my right hem has come undone. *Sigh* So I get into work and decide to paperclip the hem up until the shop downstairs open. Hey people, I'm at work, and unlike my mother-do not have a sewing kit with me. Eventually my co-worker C comes in and she has a kit and I proceed to at least do up the sides of the pants. We go down to coffee, trying to step off the escalator, BAMMM pulled backwards, my pants are stuck in the escalator step. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I worked for the elevator company, I know how these stories go. Apparently the look of horror upon my face was classic. My coworker thankfully freed me from the evil machine and took me to the drycleaners where the kindly Asian lady gave me safety pins to pin up my pants. So, metal in my work pants is HOT, right? J xoxox

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AlaskaMe said...

Are you insane! I mean really I can't believe you had not de-pants yourself the very second you felt the tug by your foot. I would have been out of my drawers in record breaking time and then dealt with the embarrassment factor at a much safer distance from the jaws of death (known to those who have not worked for an elevator company as an escalator). Glad your safe and that your pants apparently made it out alive as well. May I suggest the stairs next time.