Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coke, it does a body good!

Yeah, you thought it was milk didn't you, but its not, its coke! At least when I'm tired, and need a sugar fix, its totally working. Speaking of working, we know what I'm doing right now, right?!? That's right, I'm at work. It's good, although a bit stressful in a good way. My company was recently purchased so there is a lot of transition going on, some of it good, some of it just different. Nothing bad so far (although okay, I am losing 5 vacation days, that does suck). But relatively speaking, I can live with that. So yesterday we find out how our titles will map over in the new world and I was a bit bummed. I was recently promoted (March) and feel like I worked hard to get that title. Well in the new world it was somewhat a bump down. Well they clarified that there had been a mistake and in the new world, I will be..... wait for it, wait for it... an AVP. That's right biyatches, bow down to your Associate Vice President. Just wait, I'm calling Dick Cheney tomorrow (except I can't stand the guy or his moralistic high brow, we love our daughter but don't really agree with her lifestyle decision, etc etc). More later. "You got to have people at the top who respond to and are selected by presidents. " ~Dick Cheney

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AlaskaMe said...

AWESOME! I totally bow down to you! Of course you have always been my AVP. Even better for the new world to recognize it too! Next time I am home I will totally treat you to a movie. :oP