Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Or is it MiMi?!? I have no idea. Whatever the spelling, this is not a post about Mariah Carey folks, so if that's what you were looking for, google away somewhere else. This is about my handsome little imp of a nephew, Niko. He's almost two people, new words are coming out at a fairly fast pace for this one. So I went over for dinner last night. I was waiting outside the house for the FAM to arrive home from Dev's gymnastics class. FAM pulls up in the car. Devan gets out and yells, Aunt Jaime! Really loud, and right after, Niko boy yells, MeMe! Now I confirmed with his parental units, this is in fact what he's now using for my name apparently. He hadn't said it before last night, but he managed to use the heck out of it in the few short hours I was with him last night. And damn if it wasn't the cutest thing to happen to me in a long time. I was truly loved y'all! "MeMe, outside?" "MeMe, ball, puppy?" (notice most things he says to me end up in the form of a question). Oh, and that kid is obsessed with soda. It was like kid crack or something. But being the good mom she is, Tiff has dutifully bought the kids diet caffeine free coke, so its not really crack at all. But the kids could care less. "Every time I think of it I pinch myself, 'cause I don't believe it's true, that someone like you loves me too." ~Unknown

Friday, August 10, 2007

Times, they are a changing..

Okay, so the good news is I'm in a good mood. This is a huge accomplishment. Mostly accomplished without much on my part, aside from taking my little happy pill, but hey, I'm in a good mood dammit, move over! Secondly, my title thing is still in fluctuation. So I guess my celebrating being an AVP was a bit premature, much like one of my ex-boyfriends. But I digress.. I'll keep you posted when they have officially given me a title I can hold onto and cherish like the black & white loving ocd chick that I am. Today is Friday, in itself, a great thing. However for ME, this is the Friday before a weeklong vacation. I'm pretty excited. In case it was hard to tell. Not a lot on the agenda for next week, but I won't be working, so that's just fine. Hope everyone else is doing good too. Chat at you more later, but it might be awhile in between posts. "It seemed like this was one big Prozac nation, one big mess of malaise. Perhaps the next time half a million people gather for a protest march on the White House green it will not be for abortion rights or gay liberation, but because we're all so bummed out." ~Elizabeth Wurtzel

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coke, it does a body good!

Yeah, you thought it was milk didn't you, but its not, its coke! At least when I'm tired, and need a sugar fix, its totally working. Speaking of working, we know what I'm doing right now, right?!? That's right, I'm at work. It's good, although a bit stressful in a good way. My company was recently purchased so there is a lot of transition going on, some of it good, some of it just different. Nothing bad so far (although okay, I am losing 5 vacation days, that does suck). But relatively speaking, I can live with that. So yesterday we find out how our titles will map over in the new world and I was a bit bummed. I was recently promoted (March) and feel like I worked hard to get that title. Well in the new world it was somewhat a bump down. Well they clarified that there had been a mistake and in the new world, I will be..... wait for it, wait for it... an AVP. That's right biyatches, bow down to your Associate Vice President. Just wait, I'm calling Dick Cheney tomorrow (except I can't stand the guy or his moralistic high brow, we love our daughter but don't really agree with her lifestyle decision, etc etc). More later. "You got to have people at the top who respond to and are selected by presidents. " ~Dick Cheney

Friday, August 03, 2007


Is that even a word people? I don't know, I should know, being the lover of big words that I am, however for today, its the word foremost in my mind. Here's the haps ya'll. I played soccer last night, first game back in about a week and 1/2. So I took a header straight from the goalie last night, it was a hard-ish ball, I didn't pass out, although I did temporarily have that spin around feeling of where am I and who are all these people?!? And I swear, that ball dropped down from the sky in sloooooooow motion. It was bizarre. I had a headache after I left. Long story short (well not really), but Kerry wouldn't let me go to sleep because she was worried I might coma-out on her. (That would be a bummer way to go, I mean where's the drama there). But all is fine, I think, although really the head still hurts. Maybe it's a "mild" concussion. On another note, I miss my gal Friday, Keri Jones in A-town. I mean I never see movies these days, I blame her. We used to go see movies on the weekend, yes MOVIES plural, as in up to 5 per weekend. I had never been so well versed in movie trivia as I was back then. Now I see movies as in, once in a blue moon, and usually with titles only my nieces can see. The most risque thing I've seen lately..plot lines from Veronica Mars (don't get me wrong, loved that series so far, still need season 3). But it was made for TV, its' not exactly titillating. <-hehe, love that word. Kerry is getting Lasik on the 14th. I'm nervous for her, but excited at the same time. I mean this is SURGERY with a capital S (or pretty much allcaps as i've written), however they could f*ck it up and she could be blind. That makes it major to me. But as in all things, I worry too much, she'll be great. She always is, my little "happified" wife. Happy Friday Peeps! "Life begins at 40-but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times." ~Helen Rowland