Monday, July 30, 2007

Long Weekend Sadness

The weekend, it is complete. Alas, my heart yearns for the days of non-work related activities already. *Sigh* I will persevere. I must carry on. Kerry's birthday was a blast. She was a very spoiled girl if I do say so myself, and she absolutely deserves it for having to put up with my shit on a regular basis. I'm glad that we enjoyed ourselves and celebrated the day of her birth in style. Saturday saw us helping the Hicks move and also attending the P-town reunion party. Glad that only happens once a year, it's hard on the non-drinking among us (or should I say, those of us who can't drink very much and then suffer hangovers with contemptuous loathing). Ha ha. I'm excited to say that my STORM won on Friday night over Indiana. They suffered a bitter defeat last night to San Antonio, but I felt like we really came to play some ball, so that's totally fine. Here's to another work week. "The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one" ~Oscar Wilde

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AlaskaMe said...

Hey it sounds like you had a busy weekend too. I'm glad Kerry totally got spoiled - she does deserve it.

Oh and thanks for correcting my word usage - I suck at this.

Love you!