Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inspired by life

Happy Hump Day Wednesday everyone. Hopefully the middle of the week is treating everyone well and all that. It is another rainy day in the Emerald City, however this is not very shocking or disappointing. I realize its summer, and it should be all things sunny and warm, but seriously. It's been hard to cool off lately, so I'll take a grey day as a respite. (Besides, this means my lawn might become more green and without me having to remember to water it!) Soccer game last night, we lost, but we played pretty well, so I don't think the score was reflective of our playing per se. We had one girl not show up, so if we had had a sub it might have gone better. Bad news though, I managed to jam my ankle down while playing so its pretty sore today. Hopefully its not re-sprained, but I'll keep everyone posted. So I officially signed up for my second gym membership yesterday. I now have a gym membership down in P-town as well as in Seattle, so there is no excuse for me not to work out. My new plan involves me doing some sort of cardio (at least) every day. It is better for me, helps me lose weight more, and keeps me in an agreeable mood. (Yes I know, it doesn't seem like it, but working out seriously battles the bummers). Tiffany and Will bought a house, for those of you who didn't know. I'll be helping them with some packing this weekend, but they officially close on Kerry's birthday (July 27th). Big shout out to the new homeowners. Their place is pretty cute. Rambler style, with a big backyard, plenty of playing room for two active kiddies. Although moving sucks in general, I know they will be happy owning their own place. I know we are! "I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself." ~ Maya Angelou

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AlaskaMe said...

Yeah it's alittle cloudy today up here too.

I still don't know why anyone would enjoy chasing a ball across a field with a group full of people especially since it appears to be as dangerous as Rugby.

I will have to give Tiffany a shout out.