Monday, July 16, 2007

Gardening with Cisco..or not!

Happy Monday everyone! So in reference to the title of my post. Those of you that know me, yeah, not a green thumb here. I'm pretty sure that if you gave me a cactus, I could kill that inside of a few months. Seriously. We got some pretty plants for our housewarming, where are they now you ask? DEAD, all of them dead, lying in a compost pile at Pierce County Garbage somewhere. Although one item survives, the red flowers in the hanging pot that Kendra gave to us. Everything else in that pot is dead and brown, but that red flower lingers on, so its still hanging up. We have since retired the other pots to the garage to be replanted at a future date... I installed edging this weekend around my flower beds (or random plant beds as I prefer to think of them, as they have no actual flowers in them). Red scalloped brick edging in the front. The backyard decorating to be tackeled at another time. It turned out pretty well I was excited about finally completing the project. I've been bugging Kerry with the idea for, oh I don't know, almost two months now. I definitely learned what to do differently for next time, but am pretty happy with the results. I'll post pictures after I have them taken (and figure out how to insert them into this blog). Incidentally, I played soccer on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday-and even managed to work out with John at the Y on Saturday. Today I'm feeling pretty healthy, although not so buff. Joining my 2nd gym tomorrow. Go me! "Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

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AlaskaMe said...

OK girlie so when are you going to come up and do my garden I mean really between the two of us maybe we can keep two plants alive.