Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Necks are great...maybe?!?

Happy Wednesday in blogland everyone. Here is my exciting news for the day. My neck is "out". Now, I don't mean that it left me to go date someone elses's head OR that it is now gay (although being an extension of my body does this in fact make my neck gay). I mean that one or more of the bony structures in my neck is not in place. Now this in itself, not a regular occurrence, however has been happening more frequently of late. Those of you in the know recall that we were in a car accident in November, whereby the smokey construction worker driver rear ended the car behind us which hit us. Good times. I was at the chiropractor on Monday and he did an adjustment, but somehow Monday night my neck went "out" and has not come back into place. Thank goodness I have another appointment tonight as this makes sleeping a precarious situation for me, which as we all know, NEVER a good thing. Hello over here, I'll be the psycho with bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep randomly lashing out at you with whatever emotional state I'm feeling at the time. There does that sum it up? On a happy note, the Storm won last night, and the wife and I had a good time at the game. The before/after game times could have used some work,but hey, all in good time my pretty all in good time.. HUGS! "A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book." ~Irish Proverb

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AlaskaMe said...

Hey I need to be popped by my doctor too. As for you lashing out I have no idea what your talking about. In fact no one would notice your head spin around like that if you didn't vomit too. Maybe that's what wrong with your neck. HA! Just kidding you know I still love you.